Some of our popular services:
  • Debit Order
  • Debi-Check
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Afridebits is a debit order collection company that provides comprehensive billing and invoicing solutions to businesses of all sizes who are looking for a direct and professional collection channel.

Our main goal is to automate the entire debit order collection process as far as possible. We do this in a variety of innovative and industry leading ways.

Popular Services:

  • Traditional Debit Orders
  • Strike Date Optimisation
  • Debi-Check
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Debit Orders

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What we do

Some of our Services

Debit Orders
Various accounts covered, which include current, savings and transmission accounts. Our system will automatically manage, queue and submit.
NAEDO debits are available on Same Day with a limit of R15 000 per instruction. NAEDO features the ability to track debtors accounts.
Account Verification Service to verify clients' banking details and if the account allows for debits and credits.
Strike Date Optimisation
Increase your collection success rates by knowing when clients are most likely to have funds available.
Debit orders & Credit payments are available on Same Day & 2 Day.
Card Debit Orders
Recurring EFT debits (Same Day) from all major credit cards. PCI compliant storage.

35 years of experience

Why Debit Orders?

Optimising your cashflow,
increasing your profit.

It is often surprising to new businesses owners how difficult, complicated and frustrating collecting money from debtors can be. After all, you are merely acquiring funds which are rightfully yours.
No Waiting Periods
Instead of relying on your customer to make the time to conduct a manual payment,

A debit order process allows businesses to obtain what they’re owed automatically.
If you suspect your customer won’t have the necessary funds, you can make use of a NAEDO service which will check the customer account at defined intervals & will collect the funds as soon as they are available.
Better Control
As debit orders are collected on defined days and dates you’ll know when to expect money in your bank account.

Giving you better control of your cashflow.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between a debit order and an early debit order?

    Both debit orders and early debit orders are facilities that allow for a third party to collect money from your account. An early debit order is simply processed close to a credit payment (e.g. after your salary is processed, the early debit order is processed against your account). There are two types of early debit orders:

    An Authenticated Early Debit Order (AEDO) enables accountholders to mandate the contracted future dated early debit orders through the use of their bank cards (e.g. debit card) and PINs.
    A Non-Authenticated Early Debit Order (NAEDO) would allow qualifying service providers and consumers transacting with such service providers the equivalent benefit of AEDO, however without the PIN authentication requirement.

  • Can I dispute an unauthorised debit to my account?

    Yes you can. The customer has the right to dispute any transaction he or she believes was incorrectly debited to the account.

  • What are the main benefits of Naedo?

    The NAEDO payments stream is utilised to collect time-sensitive transactions and the beneficiary use is first in line to collect funds from an account holder’s account. In addition, the NAEDO payments stream also holds numerous benefits for the account holder and beneficiary user as it is a flexible and user-friendly method of collecting recurring payments from account holder's who authorised such deductions.